The Traveler and the Christ

I met her at a station, of the NY city subway
She was going home and I was going my way

She said tell me something about yourself
I said what is there to know ?
She said don’t you get cute with me
Just tell me where you go, and I might follow
I saw a sweet moon rising
Her body rules the world with love

She told me about the Pentecost, and how it changed her life
I’ll be a bride of Christ she said, I’ll be no man’s wife

I said tell me then about your groom
Can I meet him too ?
She said just face your darkest fears
Then he might come to you, as he did to me
I saw a sweet moon rising
And nothing but a world of love

Time had stopped right then and there, this train could take us anywhere
A mass of people pushed, I pressed my face into her hair

She said I wish that you could see the light
I said oh I believe I do
As I looked upon her shining teeth
That sparkled bright into, the night.
I want your sweet moon rising
Your body and your words of love

Now all men will believe somehow, and pray for what they crave
She said there’s sin in wanting more then you ever gave

Now I’m a man of little faith
I’ve had my gain and loss
And how on earth can I compete
With someone hanging at a cross, by hands and feet ?
She had this sweet moon rising
Her body ruled a sea of love

I knew that I‘d never rest and put my faith to the test
And to my darkest thoughts I then confessed.

Right then came the help I sought
As from his cross he stepped below
He said all men earned the fish they caught
Before their nets were thrown into the sea
You’ll have your sweet moon rising
Her body and her words of love

He said I can’t possess a woman’s heart, it can only be in me
Of every bond that holds her, she will now be free

But tell me something about yourself
That I don’t already know ?
That even now you lie to me
You won’t know where you go, unless you follow
And in that sweet moon rising .
You’ll see my word of love

(Music (not included) and Lyrics, Copyright © 2010 by L.E. Vernes), revision 2022