My ancestors.

The coat of arms on the left could easily be a mill iron. In fact it appears to be for some part of the family (see “Vernes Mill“). I have no actual picture of it but there is mention of it in some genealogical archive. This one, a tree, is a very likely one too. It is a copy of the inscription of the seal ring from my grandfather.

In spite of all efforts to link the family name to the french, the scots or other ferocious predecessors, i tell you straight away, we come from Holland. In a stretch of land near Wijk bij Duurstede there once was a “verneskenswaard”. Nearby there is a forest of alders. In dutch “esseboom”. This of course is my personal opinion.

The Vernes “Coat of Arms”, for those in favor of the french connection, comes in various forms (with special thanks to Patricia van Rooijen-de Klerk). You can click the images to enlarge.