The Lonesome Dove.

My fairest dove
Where to have you flown off ?
Have you landed on some foreign shore,
From where you’ll return no more ?

I hear your thoughts, my love
For we were one to think and share
Yes, I’ve spread my wings and crossed the sea
I never thought I’d dare.

Do you not recall where you belong ?
Have I done you a deed that is so wrong ?
This is a lonely place of reconcile
So when you’ve rested your wings a while
Be sure to lift that body sweet
Nose pointed to the sky
Proud to vanquish rain or sleet
To hasten back and fly

Where I belonged once or even now
Is not the question one refrains
For it all comes with a simple vow
That knows not much of time or change
Is that all you’ll ask of me ?
To lust, to haste and sacrifice ?
Tell me what in return shall I receive ?
That is not yet mine or vice ?

Across the moonlit fields of corn
Above the oceans fearsome tide
Along the pathways in the air
Where those that prey may hide
Through brushwood casting fiery thorns
That rip off flesh in stride
That suffering you will bear,
To be by my side.

My love, my only one
If you see thus my life is none
My pain will be greater still
Then I might best stay gone
My love, my foolish one
Your heart I trust, but you are numb
And deaf to what it tells you
and cannot overcome.

My fairest dove, I must give in
I have not seen the male within
Yet I knew him to be me, I knew his greatest sin
Not to see we are alike, and much akin
If there can be forgiveness, you must let it in.
What is yours to give I will not own.
Unless we’re free to stay or roam.
For the soul that yearns cannot but be alone.

Wormer, 5-9-03


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  1. Well Larry you are so fortunate not to have to make a living writing poetry