When you entered this page you may have come from other sites looking up “masonry” or “vrijmetselarij”. Having done so you are about to read a personal document and description of what this author, believes to be true, so to speak. It is therefore advised also to visit pages that deal with general aspects of freemasonry or to request information through official masonic channels.For the Netherlands you may do so at: www.vrijmetselarij.nl.

On Being a Freemason.

Masonry is not a cult. It is a way of living and a way of understanding the world around us, basically by understanding and knowing ourselves. Many freemasons have a world view which is based upon the notion of a supreme power or master builder that created the world or all that is. Hermetically speaking, that which (He who) never came to be, brought forth all that is and will be. Whether that supreme power is (still) within ourselves (Gnostic=knowledge of the soul), outside ourselves (biblical=knowledge by revelation), or both, for the Freemason is of some importance. By knowing ourselves,in the true Gnostic sense we would also know a little of our soul, which according to Plato and others is subject to the wheel of reincarnation and possibly originating from this creator. So we could maintain that a fundamental belief in a creator is present among many freemasons, be it their interpretation varies. Then of course there are those of us that believe the world is left on its own to develop, even if it is created. Lastly even the true atheist can take his place in the lodge, since knowing your self is not the birth right of believers. One may question however their interpretation of many Freemason symbols since they are of metaphysical origin. We can know ourselves by accepting (knowing) others for what they are and for what they believe. Thus we become brothers by accepting others and by being accepted.Enabling you to know me will enable you to know yourself. The role of “the supreme power” or “creator” remains in the background as a possibility not to overlook when discussing dogmas and morals.

During the course of history many world famous men were freemasons, that is, it turned out they were. Today some leading politicians are, but they will not come forth stating that out loud. There are a many more like you and I, ordinary people, who joined the brotherhood. Also you won’t have to be rich or well situated in life. At one time that was certainly the case. There has always been prejudice against freemasonry. And of course recent publications about Italian Lodges or Freemason Lobby in the European Parliament are not very favorable. Often however based on hearsay, fear, or total lack of knowledge. Of course there are those that use their connections in the brotherhood for their own benefit. I suppose you could get a nice job when your fellow member is a director of the company you always wanted to work for. Some people call it a “sect” or worse. Truth of the matter is that members of religious groups already have their answers, often not accepting the answers offered by others. Knowing this you can be sure freemasonry is not a group of fanatics with the holy bible in one hand and their social career in the other.
Then there are the matters of hierarchy and secrecy . Also freemasons start out as students. However even the learned ones claim to be students all their lives, no matter their position in the lodge. As to secrecy, of course ones feelings spoken in the lodge are protected, of course there are symbols known only to the freemason and his brothers. These secrets and symbols however can be looked up in every library and in various publications.

Becoming a freemason ? Well, when meeting a freemason you’ll discover you share the same questions. So in a way you will not become one, you have always been one. Where do I look for answers, are there any answers ? You will know.

To find out more about freemasonry here are a few links to sites that offer information. I included also the writings that are rather negative about freemasonry, linking it to KKK or Mormons. Judge for yourself.

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