Vernes Home Pages

This home page i started building around 1994.  Originally it was a collection of static html – pages. Since then so many things changed. Under wordpress i now use the possibility of writing quick notes, articles, as well as short and instant messaging. These are published on the messages page. The most recent publications are summarized on the right. Tweets and other sources you’ll find at the top of the page. Fair warning… i seldom tweet and i don’t want any followers. They are mostly just little  thoughts that pop up, you wish to remember.  It may not seem much but it is fun to do. And when you say “who are you to think that people actually read any of this? ” I don’t know, should I ?masthead
And then this picture, it is taken on a very fine automn day in Bohemia, in a little village called Horni Brusnice in the Czech Republic. Looking through things, thats what i want this page to do.

In case you wonder who my sponsors are. They are not ordinary companies. You see the logo’s of things that keep me occupied. In life three things determine our well being, our personal balance, our relationship towards family and our relationship with the world around us. Hence, on the right you see the sign of the mason, the family arms and the public logo. The logo is that of my organization VOCA. It stands for “Development in Organization” and vice versa. It symbolizes synchronization and participation in “working together”. It stands for the things I like to do. Then there is the masons symbol, which symbolizes brotherhood and stands for my outlook on life. And also there is the “Coat of Arms” that has been in my family for some time. It symbolizes my efforts to find my forebears and understand where I am from.
Man does not only build a home to live in, his body or temple, he also builds a structure of thoughts and ideas.
Given time those ideas and thoughts form the home of his soul, his identity.

Personal and professional life

You cannot, i believe, quite separate the two. One always reflects the other. Being transparant works both ways.