Late that night, march the 14th, Molenlaan, Hilligersberg, Rotterdam, Holland, Europe, Earth, it was so dark, my father turned on all the lights in the house, so that the physician who would assist delivering me, could find the right address.
The only ones in time for the occasion however were the two policemen who noticed the bright light and thought something criminal was going on. My mother might have agreed. So i got in touch with the law at a very young age. And my father, he poured them a drink. It was 1955, the year Albert Einstein, born march 14, died. And that’s why we know the strangest things.

Lifes happenings

The more there is behind you, the more there is to write about you might think. Yet, what lies ahead is all that you still want to undertake. So we live on the edge of time. I think the past the present and the future are mixed in these pages, those already here, and those i still wish to write. Now some of the subjects may be of interest to some reader. If you feel like reacting, this is possible. I cannot however promise any response.

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