On Group dynamics.

In the nineties i started thinking about how to achieve more with groups, Implementing a quality management system had somehow inspired a group of people, You can theorize all you want, and i did, but how it really works, you just won’t know. I tried breaking up the process involved in smaller parts, to get some insight. You’ll be surprised what I found and set out to describe. So in the coming years I’ll add some of these findings here. Here’s the first observation. Some 80% of the problems, managerial or businesswise is resolved without taking any action whatsoever in a year or two. Yet everyone wants the credit for solving them. The art is of course to pick the problems that cannot wait two years or any other part of the 20% left. Now what would that mean for managing a team? So the second observation is that it is essential to make observations and derive from them what is of real importance. And yes this is something like going to the Gemba and investigating the Gembuzu.



Article in preparation,