Evert Arie jr.

Evert Arie was born december 27, 1922 in Schiebroek (Rotterdam, Holland) .

A life with ups and (more) downs Evert had an incredible sense of humor, getting him through and into most awkward situations. A talented musician. Strange, bizarre accidents, the first in 1948, ramming a bridge while fetching something from his hand glove compartment. The last in the 80’s when he was hit by a cyclist. It left him partly paralyzed.

A strange career also, successful in selling oil for Gulf but failure in his own enterprise due to the Yom Kipur war which suddenly changed the price of oil. Obviously there is more to this story, he never told me. Evert died januari 7, 1997 at 74 being of sound mind.

Johanna Margaretha.

Johanna is daughter of Daniel Poldermans and Philippina Petronella van der Vliet. Born in 1927, as is true for her generation, the war tremendously influenced her life and outlook on same. In 1945 she broke off the engagement to Evert just to dance with the Canadians, but life came down upon her in all seriousness when she contracted TBC two  years later. Saved by PAS, she said. She knew she would have died without the newly developed antibiotics. After marrying Evert on june 3 1947 they had two sons. In 1956 Johanna ran off with the neighbor. In 1957 she married this neighbor, Henri Antoine Stas, an engineer. They had two daughters. Her life was her garden which she tended up until her mid seventies. She died aged 83, the same age, exactly like her mother, after 7 years of dementia.